"Eddie not only performed superbly and safely but also took several of our people to school concerning our chillers."

Our Creed

The AirTight Creed

In the fall of 1999 AirTight was formed on the basis of a few principles, these principles are the cornerstone of what the ownership & the core of this great company believes in. Many of our beliefs and motto’s are below.

  • Be dedicated in the Battle Against Mediocrity
  • Strive to become, in actions and attitudes, similar to the people and groups you Admire
  • Learn and explore the Power of Details, they really matter
  • Take One Extra Step in all things you set out to do
  • Understand what WOWing the customer truly means and DO IT!
  • Understand how critical and Important each of our roles are to the Mission
  • Be disciplined and Educate yourself and Others as you can
  • Don’t take anything for granted, or make any assumptions, Dig In
  • Make time in your day to Read, Study, Understand and Share the Knowledge
  • Don’t ever “just get by”, be present and in the game, Don’t Just Show Up
  • Write down your commitments, If You Don’t Then You Won’t
  • Overcome adversity, Never BEcome Complacent

"We may not win every battle of everyday,
but in the end, never give up!"